HTML5 Web Camp

Please join me at an HTML5 Web Camp near you!  (Registration links below)

Keep hearing about HTML5? If you are a serious web developer or designer, you owe it to yourself to learn this new technology as soon as possible. One way to get a fantastic jumpstart is by attending an HTML5 Web Camp! This free one day event is an opportunity to connect with designers and developers and show you how you can start using HTML5 immediately.

An HTML5 Web Camp event is a unique opportunity, partnering classroom learning and hands-on-labs, and leveraging experts to help you build modern websites for today and beyond. The following topics will be considered at the upcoming HTML5 Web Camps:

  • Overview of HTML5 and related technologies
  • Development of web sites using new HTML5 syntax
  • Adding Video, Sound, and Animations With HTML5
  • HTML5 and today’s modern browsers
  • Real-world scenarios for HTML5



June 10, 2011 Colorado Springs, Co

June 23, 2011 Irvine, CA



J. Michael Palermo IV
Dr. Doris Chen

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