Samsung Focus Community Phone

samsung_focusWhile chatting with Scott Cate yesterday about Windows Phone 7, he showed me how he shares his SIM among different phones.  For example, he took out the SIM from his Samsung Focus, and put it in his iPhone.  He travels with multiple phones because he develops for multiple platforms (though it is obvious he really loves to develop for WP7!).

I told him I was waiting for the HTC HD7S to be released by AT&T before I switched from using my iPhone and a Samsung prototype WP7.  Due to his community involvement with WP7, he had an extra Samsung Focus in his possession that he deemed the “community” phone.  He is letting me borrow it so I can make a fair comparison of it and the HD7S.  Scott didn’t hesitate a second to make that offer, and I thought he deserved a little write up for what he did.  Thanks Scott!

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