Tech Travel Tips: Mini Laptop Cooling Fan

mini-laptop-cooling-fanWhen a product works better than hoped for, it deserves praise.  With my heavy travel burden, I want to pack as little as possible to get from point A to B.  I have some nice cooling fans for my notebooks in my home office, but they are too clunky to pack and use external power supplies.

I HIGHLY recommend the KINYO|ArtDio Mini Laptop Cooling Fan (CF-201)!  Here are my top reasons for this being such a great accessory when travelling:

  1. Compact when folded, fits in most “pockets” of a computer bag
  2. When unfolded, sturdy foundation for small or large notebook computers
  3. USB powered without sacrificing a USB port (daisy-chain)
  4. Dual fans work great and are virtually silent
  5. Available for purchase for less than $9

If you are a tech traveller, this product is a must-have!!!  If you have a product you can’t travel without, please leave a comment and let me know!

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